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The Marine Transportation System (MTS) consists of waterways, ports, and intermodal landside connections that allow the various modes of transportation to move people and goods to, from, and on the water. The MTS includes the following:

The Committee on the Marine Transportation System (CMTS) is a Federal effort to coordinate the myriad partners involved in the MTS. Chaired by the Secretary of Transportation, the CMTS is tasked with ensuring the development and implementation of national MTS policies consistent with national needs and to report to the President its views and recommendations for improving the MTS.

One of these partners is the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE). Under federal law, companies must report the domestic waterborne commercial movements of their vessels to USACE. These vessels include dry cargo ships and tankers, barges (both loaded and empty), fishing vessels, towboats (with or without barges in tow), tugboats, crew boats and supply boats to offshore locations, and newly constructed vessels from the shipyards to the point of delivery. Vessels remaining idle during the monthly reporting period must also be reported.

This website visually summarizes various MTS performance measures and allows you to search for additional data, maps, tools, and applications available through the CMTS, USACE, and other Federal agencies.

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