What is Coastal Systems Portfolio Initiative?

The Coastal Systems Portfolio Initiative (CSPI) databases provide an archive for data to support many of the CSPI initiatives.

As the federal agency authorized by Congress to study, plan, design, construct, and renourish coastal risk reduction projects, the USACE is tasked with providing technical input on current and future needs for coastal projects. Accurate, up-to-date, and accessible technical information serves as a valuable resource for decision makers responsible for making balanced, information-based decisions for managing coastal programs.
This web database presents the “big picture” about current and future needs for coastal projects within USACE. As the nation’s engineer, the USACE collected and presented technical data and estimated costs, with consideration of project reliability and risk. The process used by the USACE to examine federal projects as a total system instead of as individual projects will continue to be refined over time. This technical review is an initial systems-based tool that decision makers at any level can use to make more informed judgments as they manage coastal risk reduction projects in the United States, both now and in the near future.

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